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Traditional Pellet Stoves

Extremely high effciency, in practical terms this means that: if the quantity of heat extrapolated from combustion is 100%, 97,89% is the heat emitted into the environment and just 2,11% is the heat of the exhaust fumes.

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Traditional Steel B
Traditional Majolica Idro B

Thermo Stoves

The thermo stove becomes the perfect blend between a traditional boiler and a stove; now you can enjoy the pleasant heat in the living room but you can, at the same time, heat the whole house with the utmost effciency and huge savings using the traditional system (radiators or underfloor heating).

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Biomass Boilers

The use of wood pellets as a heat source with time was extended gaining new applications. From the air oven as a single element used for additions to the heating one or two rooms of the house, the market demand is gradually moving towards systems that can integrate with pre-existing domestic electrical installation.

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Pirolambda 31

Incentives to be more efficient

aria pulita generico

Aria pulita

Our products meet high environmental standards for this reason they are certified by Aria Pulita.


The TÜV, a neutral entity for certification, inspection, testing and testing services, helps us to adapt the final product to those standards that guarantee a constant efficiency and reliability over time.


Tax deduction

Through the tax deduction it is possible to return a percentage of the investment made.

Conto Termico

Conto Termico

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